Weekly Accountability Post: April 5

I’m writing this post for transparency.

And maybe also to remind my future self of what life was like, in the before-time. In the before-time, I obsess over the editing process of the Insouciance manuscript. So much so, I’ve decided to make a post about my progress every week.

This is the first of such posts.

Weekly Accountability for Week of April 5th, 2016

First, a little about what I have. In spring of 2014, I wrote a scene in which a little girl realizes – with the help of an angel – that she can name demons. That little girl was named Madeline, and Madeline helped in an exorcism that was happening in the scene. I tweaked a few things, added a hook at the end of it, and submitted the thing to my creative writing class at a community college.

It was better received than I expected (and a little unrealistic – I wrote Madeline as five years old, with the mental voice of a fifteen year old), but it stroked my ego nonetheless. For NaNo that year, I wrote what happened after the exorcism, and when November was over had 50,000 words of Madeline’s story. It wasn’t over – I couldn’t finish the plot before month ended – and took another two months to finish. A year after that creative writing class, I finally had a complete manuscript. 78,000 words.

For Camp Nano 2015, the April session, I decided to edit the raw draft of Insouciance. I dont remember if I completed the edits in a month, or if it took me six. Last year was a blur in more ways than one, but the raw draft was worked on pretty consistently. So much so that for the first time in five years, I decided not to do NaNoWriMo and to work on the manuscript instead.

When I say edit, I mean line-editing. But more on that in a different post. In December 2015, I started adding raw material to the edits – scenes that needed to be rewritten, or just plain added. I just finished those raw scenes last month.

I’m sure this is painfully exciting for you. I realize this post and their future counterparts are going to be more for the author than the reader, but thats okay. Anyway:

Where I am today, April 5th, 2016: I’m currently typing up the raw material I’ve been writing since December. I’m not sure where the word count is yet for this draft, and I should really find out. But there’s a few scenes in my Drive folder that are missing, so those need to be reconciled first. Im dying to know the word count.

These posts will be for transparency, and accountability.

Every week expect to read another update. Because the thing is, writing every day is all well and good, but forcing yourself to edit that writing is even harder. It’s easier to put off, because you get to think: “Well, it’s written, isn’t it? It can’t be that unreadable.” When in reality, it can be and usually is. I want this manuscript to be polished enough for queries, so I can’t afford to think that way.

What are some ways you keep yourself accountable?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Accountability Post: April 5

  1. Not being able to complete my to-do list keeps me accountable, for the most part. Also, while I hate doing this, making your goals public also keeps that flame burning. Self-imposed deadlines never worked for me, but with publicly stated goals, it’s a little more grating to me to not follow through.

    Everything always has room for improvement, it’s knowing when it’s enough. 2 years is usually enough, lol! Good luck with your edits, I think it’s a fun thing for you to post these, even if just for yourself. But they are interesting!

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