Five F!@#ing Favorites: April 2016 (Camp NaNo Edition)

This month’s FFF installment has to do with Camp NaNo; resources, freebies, and kittens! Give love to all creators where you can, and let me know if you end up finding any of these helpful.

1. NaNo Casts on tumblr.  What’s a NaNo Cast? Exactly what it sounds like! You cast the characters in your NaNo novel. Except this is tumblr, a place where faceclaims get their own blogs, and the lovely creatives on the site have fun with their casts.

My tip: Check out the different casts and get inspired! If you made your WC for the day, why not make your own? (No procrastinating!)

2. Soggy Musing’s Freebies. Emma’s entire blog is great! But I found her freebies section to be especially helpful. She has everything from wallpapers to planners, and their designs is sleek but feminine. Don’t forget to thank her if you download any of her creations!

My tip: If you only print one of her freebies, make sure it’s the daily word counter! Having to write those numbers daily might motivate you to make them big ones. 😉

3. MyNoise. Credit to this gem goes to the NaNoWriMo forums (referenced in my last FFF post). It’s exactly what it sounds! You get to generate your own sound therapy, which everyone could use a little bit of, especially during Camp NaNo. These generators include the sounds of ASMR, cats purring, and even aircraft cabins. This is also helpful for times when it isn’t Camp NaNo – such as when you’re studying, you have a migraine, or just trying to go to sleep. Play around with the sliders, read the testimonials, and see what works best for you!

My tip: Check all the Atmosphere, Industrial, and Nature noises to see if the scene you’re writing can be set to them! Also, get the top of each generator’s page to see where else you can listen to it.

4. Written? Kitten! Have you heard of Write or Die? No? Well, that’s another post. For now, let’s just pretend that W? K! exists in a vacuum that rewards wordcounts, instead of punishing you for not writing (I prefer those, sshh.) The website is simple; write one hundred words, and a picture of a kitten appears to the right. One hundred too easy? Try two hundred, five hundred, or even a thousand words until your next image generates. Perfect for people who respond well to positive reinforcement (i.e., not me).

My tip: Not excited by kittens? Edit the URL to this: ” “, replacing EXAMPLE with anything that would get you motivated. For me, that would be giraffes or space.

5. 20 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Your Decisions. I forgot where I came across this article from Business Insider (knowing how Facebook works, probably Facebook). But I found it interesting, nonetheless. Since I always found writing to be a series of my characters making decisions, it was interesting to read the different reasons why someone makes them. We like to think they’re rational, but as the article suggests, they’re not. While there’s a lot of business jargon here, it’s also a nice insight as to why we do the things we do – something that could make your characters have more depth to them.

My tip: Make it into a writing challenge by randomly picking a number 1-20, and then writing a scene based on how a character made that decision.

How is your Camp novel coming along? Did you bookmark any of these FFF? Good luck, and happy writing!


One thought on “Five F!@#ing Favorites: April 2016 (Camp NaNo Edition)

  1. Squee! Thank you for the flattering review, Danielle! ❤

    Written? Kitten! sounds awesome. I definitely respond better to positive reinforcement than to punishment. Write or Die! scares the bees out of me lol.

    I'm sending My Noise to my iPad for later, too. (The speakers on my PC broke.) Thanks for the great post! ;D

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