Hello there. I’m Danielle Santos, and I’m an unpublished author. I started Plotberry to help solve that, but until then I hope my blog will help you in some way. Here, I will document my (probably many) mistakes and (incredibly rare) luck in the road to publication. Here, I will always be honest.

Unnecessary Facts About Me

My day job is serving coffee. I’m a barista at a major coffee-peddling chain. I take pride in being a legal drug dealer to the masses.

I love giraffes and have a collection that evolved from stuffed ones to just about any commercial item that has a giraffe on it. Did you know they have four stomachs?

I’m an Austenite. Pride and Prejudice is top dog, in my opinion. Persuasion is a close second.

Analog over digital. Most of my writing, I write by hand first. I find the quality to be better, though my hand suffers because of it.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope you’ve found something helpful.


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