The Elephant Technique

The Elephant Technique

Or How Not To Lose Your Momentum During NaNoWriMo (And Beyond!)

I do not take credit for the technique I’m about to show you. That belongs to Chris Baty, creator of National Novel-Writing Month and author of No Plot? No Problem! In this book, he does a much better job of describing the following, but hey you’re here now so you might as well keep reading.

The Elephant Technique is what you use during a very specific type of writing, where you’re just writing to clear your head, to get all the words out. It’s not pretty, it’s not concise, and most of all it’ll probably make your skin crawl to re-read it. But afterwards, you can say you have it down on paper – that story, that scene, that chapter that had been stuck in your head. And probably, you used this technique.

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