4 Ways To Get Through Camp NaNoWriMo

Good morning, campers! The sun is shining, the bug juice is flowing, and you’re Day 8 into writing your summer adventure. How’s it going?

If you’re anything like me, not so well. Despite the soothing crackling of the bonfire, despite the plot bunnies scampering from cabin to cabin, despite my main character waiting to do something, I just can’t seem to stay on goal.

Luckily for me (and you), I have the ultimate care package. The best part? They last through November, too.

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Need a character name?

Character Name Kit: March 2016

The Game of the Name

On some level this is most likely a selfish series; I tend to hoard names over the course of day-to-day life. A credit at the end of a movie, customers at work, the author of an online article. They’ve accumulated in my phone saved in notes, seared in my memory, or completely random. But the goal of this series is to keep all the names together in one place. But what ultimately is an act of selfishness will also end up helping you.

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Five F!@#ing Favorites: March 2016

An Introduction – And Train Rails?

I decided I wanted to devote whole posts to useful junk I found on the internet – infographics, websites, apps – basically anything I liked and would use in the near future, if not already. None of these are going to be sponsored (why would you ask a brand new blog to sponsor anything?), but I suppose if the wind changes one day and I’m asked to, best believe I will be completely transparent about my opinions!

But for now, these are my honest-to-goodness, bookmark-worthy, reblogging gold.

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